Angelica Root 5ml


This essential oil from France is steamed distilled from the roots of the Angelica plant, Angelica archangelica, which is a tall, sturdy biennial or perennial herb attached to a large rhizome (root system). The color of this particular oil is pale-yellow to orange-brown and has an herbaceous smell of black pepper, parsley, and dill, with a sweet floral, fruity finish.

Aromatherapists regularly use Angelica Root when looking to support issues relating to:

  • The digestive system (flatulence and indigestion)
  • Lymphatic system (excellent detoxifying and diuretic properties; also improves lymph drainage and fluid retention especially when coupled with massage therapy)
  • Nervous system (ideal for fatigue and stress relief)
  • Immune system (general heightening and can provide assistance in fighting infection)  
  • Respiratory system (general healthy lung support as well as an excellent expectorant for things like chronic bronchial asthma, sinus infections, and lingering coughs)

Angelica Root is a lovely oil to use during emotionally challenging times especially if an individual is feeling afraid, experiencing a loss, or having a hard time making decisions.