California Juniper Juniperus californica 5ml


Our California Juniper has a soft lemony, woodsy aroma with top notes of Lemon and base notes of Juniper wood. California Juniper grows in Western Arizona and California at an elevation of around 4500 ft. Higher elevation gives this wild-crafted oil an added robust, sweet quality.

This California Juniper has a high percentage of a-pinene, which is a chemical property particularly useful in supporting healthy body tissue in the lungs that can become inflamed as a result of persistent coughing. While there are several lovely Juniper oils available on our website, and in the greater essential oil community, the chemical properties of each Juniper oil are distinct and much different from one another.

In addition to its antispasmodic qualities, it is also a useful essential oil when used to promote:

  • general tissue health
  • gut spasm relief

The producer of our California Juniper is an artisan distiller who works with small batches of plant material in Arizona. She and her husband are very knowledgeable about the plants and trees they work with and are deeply connected with them.

We love having this California Juniper in our collection, which among all its other useful applications, is a beautiful addition when formulating blends for general well being.