Cedarwood (Himalayan) Cedrus deodara 15ml


(Was referred to as Himalayan Fir) Our Himalayan Cedarwood is grown high in the Himalayan Mountains and has a sweet, woodsy aroma that is reminiscent of Cedarwood Atlas. This oil has a strong personality enhancing stability. We have 2 Cedarwoods (Cedrus deodara).  One from India and this one from Nepal, grown in the Himalayan mountains. This Cedarwood from Nepal has a gentle, sweet, woodsy aroma and is lower in the himachalol that the Indian Cedarwood has.

This essential oil is an excellent support for upper and lower respiratory health as well as for specifically assisting to ease neuralgic pain. It also encourages healthy lymphatic flow. 

Himalayan Cedarwood is a perfect ingredient in blends for easing general pain and supporting healthy tissue.