Chamomile, Cape Eriocephalus punctulatus 5ml


Rich in Esters, Cape Chamomile is known to support deep sleep and relaxation. Cape Chamomile is emotionally uplifting and well balanced. It is also supportive for the skin and is traditionally used for eczema and other hot, dry, and irritated skin conditions. Cape Chamomile's anti-inflammatory properties can also help relax tense, tight muscles.  Due to its gentle nature, this is a good choice for children.The local people have traditionally used this oil for stomach issues as it is deeply relaxing. 

On those stressful days, add a few drops to your diffuser blend.  Use at night to help with sleep and for an unforgettable massage - add a few drops to your carrier. Distantly related to German and Roman Chamomile, Cape Chamomile has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.  Grown on the Northeast slopes of the mountains of Cape, South Africa, Cape Chamomile is a white flowering small shrub and the essential oil has a striking, light blue color and a bright, fresh, apple blossom aroma.