Chamomile, German (England) Matricaria recutita 5ml


This particular German Chamomile is from England and is a riveting, deep blue color with a complex, bittersweet aromatic profile complete with a fruity top note finish.  

This essential oil is steam distilled from the white flowers of the German Chamomile plant, a low annual herb. It is important to distill the young flowers after they have been dried at 40-45°C in order for this essential oil to truly shine and access its full potential.

For help in healing almost any injury, especially relating to muscles, tendons, or ligaments, German Chamomile is one of the most powerful oils available. Its anti-inflammatory and cooling action is a welcome relief for pain and unwanted heat. It is also an effective oil to use when looking to treat superficial inflammations such as rashes, insect bites, and burns. 

When looking for for assistance in healing more complex injuries, a blend of Helichrysum and German Chamomile applied in the appropriate method is incredibly powerful.    

This essential oil is also exceptionally calming and immensely helpful for stress relief. A few drops of German Chamomile can be especially therapeutic in a bath after a stressful day. It also helps to soothe the nervous system and support healthy sleep patterns. And as a bonus, it is deeply nourishing to the skin!

German Chamomile is one of the gentler essential oils and is often used when treating children for injuries and stress relief.  

People are often drawn to German Chamomile for its strong, sensitive energetic qualities. Many instinctively gravitate towards this oil when confronted with tragedy, grief, and crisis as it is soothing and comforting during emotionally trying times.