Clary Sage Salvia sclarea 15ml


Clary Sage essential oil comes to mind when we think of womens issues. Clary Sage is a unique member of the mint family. It has traditionally been used to treat hot flashes, anxiety and depression and is well known for its euphoric action and is beneficial for stress and tension and with asthma issues. Clary sage has the ability to calm tension, yet relieve fatigue. The antispasmodic and analgesic properties make this an ideal addition to blends dealing with muscular stiffness and spasms, headaches, migraines and to help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel and flatulence. It is used frequently to help dull pain during labor and help ease menstrual pain. Gabriel Mojay states, "In terms of Oriental medicine, clary sage oil both strengthens Qi-energy that is depleted, and relaxes and circulates Qi-energy that is "stuck".  Hence it is both an effective general tonic and a major antispasmodic."

Clary Sage is often used in skin care for oily skin, reducing excessive production of sebum, especially on the scalp and helps prevent excessive sweating. Perfumers and soap makers utilize Clary Sage as a stabilizing agent.

This Clary Sage comes from the high altitude of the Kashmir Valley of India.