Corn Mint (Wild Mint) Mentha arvensis 15ml


We offer two varieties of Peppermint. This particular Peppermint (also known as Field Mint, Corn Mint, and Wild Mint) is a beautiful oil rich in menthol with a low percentage of menthone. The aroma is full bodied and deep.  Beneficial for postherpetic neuralgia as well as exhibiting strong analgesic activity. (postherpetic neuralgiα is caused by a shingles outbreak) Great to reduce painful itching and useful for spasms, especially in the intestines and for Irritable Bowel syndrome.  
Has been benefical for the immune systems and used in the treatment of colds, flu and infections. This oil, being high in Menthol, tends to form crystals in cool temperatures.  If this should happen, just place the bottle of oil in a warm bowl of water and the crystals will dissolve.