Cypress Cupressus sempervirens 15ml


A great antispasmodic and calming for an asthmatic attack.  Useful for relief of swelling and pain of varicose veins, especially with a little Lemon oil added to the blend. Calms & soothes! Cypress is astringent and therefore useful for areas of excess fluid. Try adding it to skin care blends for oily skin; it is great to use with a clay mask. It can be great for stopping sweaty feet! When spasmodic coughing is the concern, smelling a few drops of the oil on a tissue can calm the lungs and can also stop an asthma attack in the beginning stages. Cypress can be used in a diffuser to bring a lovely, woodsy aroma to the room. Often used in blends for menstrual symptoms and to reduce cramps. Great for restless leg syndrome