Davana Artemisia pallens 5ml


Davana essential oil is rare and unique, a beautiful golden orange color with a fruity, slightly woody aroma. Davana is comprised of over 50% of the Ketone, davanone.  While little is known of this specific ketone, Farida Irani says that clinics in India have used this oil successfully for ovarian and uterine cysts as a compress and a douche.  She also says that this oil is excellent for menopausal women and is usefeul in regulating and balancing menstruation.  Emotionally balancing and calming, and useful as an antispasmodic. Add to blends for increased focus and inner peace. Useful for use in wound healing regimes. A thick, orange oil, Davana is used when making fruity, sweet perfumes and is valued as it has a different aroma with each individual person.