Frankincense (Sacra) Boswellia sacra 5 ml


This is a special Frankincense distilled from Oman. The aroma is sweet, vibrant, rich and deep! The oil is distilled from the Royal houjri resin and is very rare. We offer two types of Frankincense essential oil: Boswellia carterii and Boswellia sacra. Both are amazing oils. Traditionally, Frankincense Sacra energetically has a higher vibration than the Carterii. 

The Royal houjri resin is light colored with a greenish hue and very fragrant. Add Frankincense to skin care products for dry, aging skin and to reduce scar tissue. It blends well with Rose and Lavender for skin care blends. The oil has a resinous, rich aroma and can aid in calming the lungs and the emotions, and it's great for restless leg syndrome, is excellent for headaches and tension in the neck muscles. Use for any muscle pain or trauma.