Ginger Zingiber officinale 5ml


This Ginger is distilled from fresh Ginger. Ginger is warming and used in Chinese medicine for internal and external "dampness". Often used for nausea caused by traveling, pregnancy, and chemotherapy. Ginger stimulates more circulation to the areas on which it is used. Its antispasmodic properties bring relaxation and calming to an otherwise contracted situation. When the stress of contraction is relieved, the opportunity for healing arises. Great to help bring balance to the digestive system.  Mojay states, "Therapeutically, ginger oil is essentially warming, invigorating & decongesting."  Mojay also suggests combining Orange, Roman Chamomile and coriander essential oils to relief nausea associated with travel and morning sickness. 

Try adding a few drops of Ginger to your blends in the winter. It offers that spicy, warming, soothing sensation that is so needed at this time of year.