Grapefruit Essence Citrus paradisi 5ml


This Grapefruit Essence essential oil is pressed from the whole fruit. It is made by a special process used to obtain the essential oil through evaporation and high speed spinning of the juice phase. The fruit is pressed and the oil which comes out from the concentration of the juice phase is the Essence oil. The result is the aroma of a sweet, juicy grapefruit! The color is clear and slightly yellowish. 

Cold pressed, the Rose Grapefruit is very vibrant. Grapefruit is often used for its wonderful diuretic and astringent properties. Apply to anything that is swollen - on ankles or joints - blend in a lotion and apply right on the area. Grapefruit is most reverred for its sparkling aroma. The scent adds such sunshine to whatever space it is diffusing in. Great for making a room spray or adding to dried flowers in a bowl. Use freely in a diffuser. Other citrus oils like Lime and Orange can be added for a more expansive scent. The smell brings freshness and is a great choice any time of year. Grapefruit is a great deodorizer.. The Essence is used interchangeably with Grapefruit pressed from the rind. The Essence has a nice amount of b-Caryophyllene offering some pain and inflammation relief.