Grapefruit (White) Citrus paradisi 15ml


We have three Grapefruit varieties: Red, White, and Essence. (Essence is pressed from the whole fruit) This White Grapefruit has an amazing aroma and is a light yellow in color. Grapefruit is often used for its wonderful diuretic and astringent properties. Apply to anything that is swollen - on ankles or joints - blend in a lotion and apply right on the area. Grapefruit is most reverred for its sparkling aroma. The scent adds such sunshine to whatever space it is diffusing in. Great for making a room spray or adding to dried flowers in a bowl. Use freely in a diffuser. Other citrus oils like Lime and Orange can be added for a more expansive scent. The smell brings freshness and is a great choice any time of year. Grapefruit is a great deodorizer.