Lemon Essence Citrus limon 15ml


Lemon essence essential oil is pressed from the whole fruit. It is made by a special process used to obtain the essential oil through evaporation and high speed spinning of the juice phase. The fruit is pressed and the oil which comes out from the concentration of the juice phase is the Essence oil. The result is the aroma of a juicy Lemon. Very vibrant!

We carry two lemons, one from the peel and this one from the juice. They are both used interchangeably.  Lemon is a great antibacterial agent and can be used in household cleaning products. It is an excellent degreaser. Like Juniper Berry, it is an immune system stimulant, rather than a toxic compound as most chemical cleaners are. Lemon also protects and nourishes the liver. Add to diffuser blends for its fresh aroma, disinfecting the air when others in the house are sick. Add to body care products to help support the immune system and defend the body against infections. Good for reducing nausea, especially when combined with Peppermint