Lime Essence Citrus aurantifolia


Lime Essence is popping with aroma! It is pressed from the whole fruit. It is made by a special process used to obtain the essential oil through evaporation and high speed spinning of the juice phase. The fruit is pressed and the oil which comes out from the concentration of the juice phase is the Essence oil. The result is the aroma of a sweet, juicy lime! Very vibrant! 

Lime is an uplifting and delightful oil. I use it for digestive issues as it is a tonic for the digestive system. I also like to add Lime to blends when treating a cold or flu. It brings relief for fatigue, anxiety, and the general sense of discomfort related to illness. The Lime essence has the added benefit of cineole.  For the skin, Lime is a great astringent and is used for oily, infected areas. Try combining it with Sandalwood and Lavender for skin issues. 

Note:  Our Lime essential oil is steam distilled and this Lime Essence essential oil is cold pressed. The Lime Essence being cold pressed most likely has phototoxic safety issues.