Manuka Leptospermum scoparium ct east cape 5 ml


This Manuka (sometimes referred to as New Zealand's Tea Tree) from the East Cape is a phenomenal antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. It differs from other Manuka from other countries and areas of New Zealand  in that it is high in certain Ketone's (Triketone's) that have potent antimicrobial characteristics. With it's honey-like aroma, this oil is a pleasure to have in your home kit. The indigenous people of New Zealand for generations have traditionally used this oil for colds and flu, sore muscles and joints, for a wide range of hot, inflammed skin issues, and to promote calmness and sleep. East Cape is the first to see the sun and is very remote. Honey is also obtained from the Manuka flowers that are used in wound care as well as culinary delights. 
Patricia Davis states "Manuka has an antihistamine action and is anti-allergic generally." This action makes Manuka useful for insect bites and stings as well as allergic skin reactions. Purchon and Cantele state "Manuka has the capacity to loosen and remove mucus...making it a valuable remedy for baths, massage oils, and inhalations to treat bronchitis, catarrh, colds, influenza, fever, coughs, sinusitits, tuberculosis and whooping cough." 
Our distiller is committed to working with landowners and local communities to create sustainable Manuka forestlands.  All material is hand harvested from sustainable and naturally regenerating stands of Manuka on the East Cape of New Zealand.