Rose otto Rosa damascena 5ml


This Queen of flowers, organic Rose otto, has been revered throughout the centuries for it's exquisitly sweet aroma and therapeutic value. Associated with the heart, this oil clears heat and inflammation making it invaluable for inflamed and toxic conditions.  Rose otto works amazingly well for deep anxiety and depression. Rose is very comforting to the mind, especially in cases of feeling alienated. Gabriel Mojay states Rose is "recommended for a loss of self-esteem of the very deepest kind-where emotional pain has injured the capacity for self-love....particularly for the resentment that results from emotional coldness, rejection and betrayal."Rose otto is especially known for it's therapeutic skin healing for dry, sensitive, skin and for hot skin conditions such as rashes and boils. It can also be used for insomnia, emotional issues, night sweats, and heart palpitation to help relieve tenson and agitation.  

We also have Rose Absolute which differs in color, consistency, and method of distillation (extracting the essential oil using a solvent).  While steam distilled Rose otto is a clear thin liquid, Rose Absolute is a dark color and thicker.  Rose oil should "freeze" or start to gel at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) and it liquifies back at higher temperature. This is normal and could be considered as a proof that the oil is not adulterated and diluted. This phenomena is due to the content of stearoptenes /hydrocarbons/... They represent natural compounds extracted during distillation process and their content is defined in Bulgarian Standards for Rose essential oil.  This is completely normal and will melt when gently warmed and rolled in your hands.