Neroli Citrus aurantium var. amara 5ml


Neroli is used in blends for people who need strong emotional support. The gentle floral, citrus aroma can be very soothing and calming to the nervous system, especially when used in really small amounts and blended with other calming oils. It is an important oil to use during times of serious shock and trauma. It can be wonderful in massage oils because people have an overwhelmingly positive response to its aroma and calming effect. Neroli is considered an antidepressant and is very helpful in reducing anxiety. Perhaps this is why it is so great in massage oils. Try it blended into a cream, or adding one drop to your bath. It is a very strong oil and you only need to use a small amount. Too much (even 2 or 3 drops) can cause a headache.

Neroli is widely used in skin care products, and is healing combined with other oils for most skin concerns. It is anti-infectious, especially anti-bacterial. Neroli offers immune support when ill. It is also used for heart palpitations; try combining it with Ylang Ylang.