Peppermint Mentha x piperita 15ml


Peppermint in a footbath or a foot massage cream is one of the best things for tired, achy feet. It is stimulating and tingly. It has the advantage of being antifungal, anti-inflammatory, stimulating to the circulatory system, and analgesic. What more could you want for tired feet? A strong cup of the Peppermint herb tea is a great remedy for an upset stomach. The essential oil can also be used to aid digestion: you can add 2 drops to an oz. of carrier and rub it on your belly for a similar effect. Try it in a bathroom spray. It leaves the room smelling fresh. It is great to diffuse in very small amounts during the day, bringing a stimulating aroma into any room. Great in cool compresses for nausea, headaches and travel sickness. Excellent in reducing acute, hot pain. Gets rid of ants!