Pinion Pine Pinus edulis 5ml


Pinion pine is a great choice for respiratory issues dealing with thick mucous. The aroma is smooth and full of strength with a sweet softness. Naturally uplifting as many of the conifers are, Pinion Pine is noted for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

Pinion Pine is a rare and beautiful essential oil from the small to medium sized trees growing wild in the remote high altitude deserts of Utah. All the gathering is achieved by hand and distilled by an artesian distiller. The needles and twigs are ethically harvested from trees that have naturally fallen. Our distiller states, "Keeping the plant material as un-compromised as possible assures the slow and gentle release of the plants active molecular structure. Wild gathering in remote places guarantees plants are free from human toxins."

The Pinion Pine tree has many traditional uses with the Native American culture.  Legends refer to the Pinion Pine as the “tree of life”.  The seeds are edible and what we find most often in stores.  The wood is burned as mosquito and bug repellent. 

Use in an inhaler, carrier lotion/oil or diffuser.