Rock Rose Cistus ladaniferus 5 ml


The most outstanding effect of Rock Rose is its wound healing abilities. Use it in any blend for healing skin issues, new or old scars, wounds, inflammation and infections. It is wonderful in blends for mature skin. It is a great anti-inflammatory. Rock Rose has a penetrating, deep aroma that opens up the senses. Another great use is to reduce spastic coughing, and as an expectorant for a cold or the flu. Add it to your typical respiratory blends with oils such as Pine, Eucalyptus, Ravintsara and Frankincense. Try using Rock Rose in blends for arthritis and muscle/joint pain—it can be deeply effective for reducing inflammation. Used to support the adrenal glands, immune system and to balance the menstrual cycle (anti-spasmodic). Used emotionally for insomnia and fear, especially when they are related.