Siberian Fir Abies sibirica 15ml


Siberian Fir (also called Pine) is great in a steam to clear the sinuses. Siberian Fir is a good choice for the pain of chronic arthritis or rheumatism and for aches and pains in general, penetrating the skin quickly. It’s especially effective when combined with other oils that are high in anti-inflammatory, circulatory, and analgesic components such as German Chamomile, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Helichrysum, and Rosemary. Great for inflammation issues. The aroma is more woody rather than piney. Siberian Fir blends well with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree and steaming is the best way to cut off a cold before it sets in. Try doing several steams a day for a few days until all signs of the cold are gone. At the same time, use the Protective Room Diffuser Blend several times a day.  Siberian Fir is great to add to cleaning products.