Spa Diffuser


Improved with all new upgraded features!  BPA free.

Ambience and Ease

Looking for a great diffuser?   This one comes highly recommended from several aromatherapists at a very reasonable price. It is small enough to fit on your desk

  • Soothing
  • Professional quality diffuser.
  • Color-changing design creates a tranquil effect.
  • Essential oils are broken into minute particles and delivered as mist through an ultrasonic ventilator.
  • Good for smaller spaces of 500 sq ft. 
  • Use 1-5 drops of essential oil - that's it!! (No waste)
  • Six LED color lights (controlled by switch)
  • Electric
  • On/off switch and color switch are on the front
  • Smaller Energy efficient size reduces carbon footprint
  • Uses Plain or Purified water.  Do not use Distilled water.
  • Runs whisper quiet.

It holds 2/3rds of a cup of water and uses tap water.  If overfilled or when the water is almost gone, the diffuser automatically shuts off.  The essential oils are dropped directly into the water.