Tangerine Essence Citrus tangerina


Tangerine essence essential oil refreshes the senses with its refreshing citrus aroma! While certainly similar to our Mandarin oil, Tangerine has a softer body and milder aroma: the two fruits are varieties of the same species. Tangerine, however, does not have the sedative properties of the Mandarin. In Chinese medicine, Tangerine is used for moving blood and Qi and ridding damp – helping to improve poor circulation in the extremities. This product is an excellent tonic for the digestive system and is also effective when used in skin care preparations - especially for stretch marks and cellulitis. Tangerine is a nice addition to blends for inhalers, diffusers, and massage applications. Tangerine essence essential oil is pressed from the whole fruit. It is derived through a special process that obtains the essential oil through evaporation and high-speed spinning. After the fruit is pressed, the oil that is derived from the concentrated juice phase is the Tangerine Essence. The resulting oil emanates the lovely aroma of a sweet, juicy Tangerine. Very vibrant!