Thyme (Benchmark) Thymus zygis Loefl L. 5ml


Benchmark Thyme is gentle on the skin yet retains Thyme's antiseptic properties. A unique Thyme blend offering anti-infectious properties and MRCA benefits. We like to add Thyme Thymol to our blend when using for MRSA. "The uniqueness of Benchmark Thyme is that it is a combination of aroma-chemicals that is unique in its overall composition. This includes four different types of Thyme distilled plants. Our distillar states: "Some aroma-chemicals like terpinen-4-ol can be found in Tea Tree oil and some, like linalool, can be found in Thyme Linalool, but only in Benchmark Thyme do all of these aroma-chemicals (and more) come together in a synergistic combination; all from our four thyme cultivars.