Vanilla Oleoresin Vanilla planifolia 15ml


OUR Bourbon Vanilla Oleoresin (exactly/30 fold) is produced in Madagascar. Enjoy the rich and exotic beauty of this Madagascan Vanilla Oleoresin! A dark, luscious brown and thicker than honey, Vanilla Oleoresin is very concentrated and much thicker then a pure absolute. Vanilla is calming, helping to reduce anxiety in stressful situations! The appeal of this gorgeous Vanilla aroma has us dedicated to using it even though it is totally different than working with essential oils. This Vanilla Oleoresin is water soluble meaning it dissolves in water but not in oil. It infuses into oil nicely.

The Vanilla Oleoresin comes in a small glass jar. If you buy the 1/2 oz size the jar is about 1/3 full (we weight it exactly). If you buy the 1 oz size, the jar is about 2/3 full. This gives you room to work with it. We did not use a bottle with an orifice reducer as the oleoresin is much too thick to pour out of an orifice reducer. Store at room temperature