Vetiver Vetiveria zizanoide 5ML


This root oil has a depth of character and complexity. It was used for thousands of years in India as a perfume and has a smoky, earthy, woody aroma. Vetiver is known to boost your immune system as you wear it! Just as you can use essential oils for cleaning rather than using toxic chemicals, you can use Vetiver (or Sandalwood, Spikenard and Patchouli) as a perfume instead of chemically-derived perfumes. Be sure you do not have a sensitive reaction to it. If you tend to have sensitive skin, just dilute it in some Jojoba oil and make an oil-based perfume, or add it to a cream. Vetiver is cooling to the mind and is a great oil of choice for those suffering withdrawal from drugs, alchohol, nicotine etc. Vetiver helps quill jitters and provides peace of mind and body