White Pine Pinus strobus 15ML


Our white pine essential oil comes from Canada and is stream distilled from the needles of the Eastern White Pine. The White Pine is a strong, tall tree that can grow over 100 feet high and have a base of up to four feet wide.

White pine is an excellent oil for respiratory support. It is often used when looking to reduce congestion relating to a cold or flu. In addition, it can also support sleep when the body is achy and tired and working to heal.  

White Pine is a powerful oil for pain relief, especially when combined with lemongrass and Norway pine. For relief of muscular and rheumatic pain, blend white pine with other conifer oils such as Norway pine, white fir, and balsam fir.

This oil is among those ideal for children as it is soft and gentle!

Many aromatherapists use white pine to protect both emotionally and physically from infection and disturbing energy.